• Straight To Your Head - The 100th
    The next Straight To Your Head podcast will be the 100th edition of the show - Let's celebrate together :D
  • RIP Chris
    Chris Sheehan, who appeared in one of our podcasts in the summer of 2013 has sadly passed away.
  • CD suggestions please!
    Being a completist, and having full collections of numerous artists' work - I'd like advice please...
FLOCK - The Best Of The Mutton Birds - OUT NOW

Advertising with us


One way to get yourself noticed at STYHpodcast is to send us your tracks. If you make the grade, you're on the show...

Another way is to advertise with us.

Around the STYH website we have various areas where you could advertise your group or music related business, and what's great about it, is it doesn't cost the Earth.

We know that the average band has very little in the way of funds, and any funds they do have, tend to go toward buying or upkeeping their equipment, so we're keeping costs low and our ethics sound.

We're not going to be advertising Simon Cowells next version of pop diarrhea and that means there's more space for you.

"At what do your prices start" I hear you ask. Well, You could be on STYHpodcast for as little as a fiver. That's right, a fiver. "Oh yeah, but we're not going to get much for a fiver" I hear you cry. That's simply not true. We currently work on "impressions". Every time someone views a page with your advert on, that's classed as one impression. And for a fiver. We give you a thousand of them.

Now we know, not all traffic to our site is going to be actual people. That's why when we say we give you a thousand, we actually add a bit more on for good measure. You can even choose which page you'd like your advert to appear.

Well, it does't get much better than that.

Erm... Actually it does. Buy 2000 impressions*, and we'll give you a discount on the price. Buy 5000* and we'll give you even more discount!!

You've got to admit, doesn't sound bad, does it?

If you're ready to go forward, get in touch via our contact page.



* Discounts are given per area and must all be for the same advert. Multiple adverts, or multiple areas count as separate transactions.