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"I am a dreamer, and this is my time to shine", sings our latest featured artist at STYH-HQ. Hellena - formerly known as Helena Micy, featured back on the STYH Mix 45 podcast in February 2014 (was it really that long ago?). Another track will feature in a forthcoming edition of the podcast.

In a lyric echoing Hellena's decision to move from her homeland of Greece, the now London-based singer and songwriter took a leap of faith and moved to the UK back in 2011 to forge a music career.

Boasting an impressive 10,000+ followers on Twitter, Hellena is unstoppable in her quest to find the answers to her musical dreams. "I know what I want to achieve in life" is what you would expect a promising singer to say in an interview, but instead Hellena chooses to sing that very line in her latest single - Perhaps a message to the very people who have to power to make or break careers? 

I struggle to define Hellena - on one hand, she has been categorised in some quarters as soul/RnB, in others the label of singer/songwriter in the more traditional sense has been attached to her. At the same time, her first single had an edge of pop to it. However you may choose to define Hellena, one word encompasses it all - she is, above all - melodic and a joy to listen to.

Part of Hellena's appeal is how her accent isn't hidden by the way she sings - Rather, it adds a touch of the exotic to a woman whose voice is well-worth listening to... And as Hellena herself sings, "You can't take this away from me, the fire is still burning".

Praise has flooded in from other music bloggers and journalists, which you can read on Hellena's website. There are also links to some of Hellena's interviews - which include BBC London. 

As the fan base continues to grow, Hellena has also set up a page on Patreon as a way of developing an even closer bond with her supporters. 

"I'm not changing for you, or anybody else", the songstress insists, because as she rightly says - that won't get you anywhere. Check Hellena out with urgency.

Bio (from www.hellenaofficial.com):

"Héllena moved to Athens in 2005 to take on piano and modern singing lessons. By 2009 she was working on original material and in 2010 she recorded her self-titled EP.

"In late 2011 she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to the UK to work on her debut album with MTV award-winning producer Stereo Mike. The first single borne out of the collaboration was "Don't Change", which set the scene for what was about to come.

"Living in London for only a short time, Héllena made it into the MTV Unsigned Top 20 and gained 6 Gold awards on BEAT100 for "Don't Change" (which you can watch
here) and "Dream Big". In March 2013 she performed at SXSW festival and by early 2014 she reached No1 in ReverbNation's Soul/R'N'B UK charts. Fresh off a guest appearance on Simon Lederman's BBC London 94,9 fm show, Héllena is building a strong online fanbase and performing live with her band across the UK.

"Héllena's latest single 'Dream Big' from her forthcoming album "Body & Soul" (which you can watch
here) was released on May 19th, 2014 and currently she is working on her next single called "A little too late". This singer/ songwriter is being tipped for future success so keep your eyes on this talented diverse artist."