• Straight To Your Head - The 100th
    Added 19 April 2015 by Peter
    The next Straight To Your Head podcast will be the 100th edition of the show - Let's celebrate together :D
  • RIP Chris
    Added 03 February 2015 by Peter
    Chris Sheehan, who appeared in one of our podcasts in the summer of 2013 has sadly passed away.
  • CD suggestions please!
    Added 23 January 2015 by Peter
    Being a completist, and having full collections of numerous artists' work - I'd like advice please...
  • Happy New Year!
    Added 03 January 2015 by Peter
    New year, new podcasts in the pipeline...
  • STYH's influences...
    Added 18 October 2014 by Peter
    I have a LOT of fav' songs. But here's my all-time favourites...
  • Podcast Goes On Hiatus
    Added 14 October 2014 by Peter
    The podcast is shutting down for a break... Details here:
  • STYH wins glowing review!
    Added 28 August 2014 by Peter
    The podcast has been given a great write-up by GoodPodcasts.com - a site exploring the web's best independent podcasts!
  • STYH: The Comeback
    Added 22 June 2014 by Peter
    So, the podcast returns after a two month tomato-growing break. A failure to open the greenhouse every day meant the tomato plants were cooked.
  • God Bless America
    Added 22 May 2014 by Peter
    The Straight To Your Head podcast's popularity is building in the USA.
  • 50 Sounds Of Summer - Volume 2!
    Added 20 May 2014 by Peter
    Summer has well and truly arrived in the UK - So, what better soundtrack to your BBQ than this, hey?