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STYH wins glowing review!

Added 28 August 2014 by Peter
As a podcaster, I enjoy both producing podcasts, and listening to other podcasts too - Not just of the musical variety, but shows about movies, sports, comedy, health and more.

A few weeks ago the show gained a new follower - the webmaster at GoodPodcasts.com, who I was delighted to find also listed two of my favourite podcasts: The Australian Formula 1 podcast "F1 Rejects", and the USA's movie review series, "Now Playing".

For Straight To Your Head to be listed alongside those shows is a real honour, so thanks to GoodPodcasts.com for putting the show on the recommended listening list!

A few days ago, I met a new friend - Jennifer, at a wedding: A music fan who has also become a listener, who also recommended two comedy podcasts: ManBuyCow, and Succotash. As it happens, they are also listed at GoodPodcasts.com, so it looks as though STYH is in great company!

A huge thanks for the review - You can read it below, and hear a greatly entertaining summary podcast at www.GoodPodcasts.com


"The Straight To Your Head music podcast features guitar music in all itís forms from unknown bands.  The song selection is excellent Ė host Peter Storry states that he has a high quality barrier before something gets played on the podcast and it definitely shows.  There are very rarely any duff tracks played on this podcast, the tracks are always of an extremely high quality, itís great stuff!  I mentioned in the Indiestry review that there werenít many guitar based shows out there, so itís fantastic to have discovered another one, and even better for it to be of such a high standard!

"If you look at the music podcast reviews on this site, thereís a bias towards electronic music but Iíve always listened to all types of music in my life.  I used to read the NME and Melody Maker cover to cover each week and knew who was hot or not but over the years other aspects of life have taken over(!) and that connection to the indie-rock scene has faded away for me, and as most of the bands that I see on MTV and in the charts seem fairly uninteresting, a service like this is essential Ė picking out the best acts from the noise of all the thousands of unsigned bands out there!  Itís similar to what I am doing with this website trying to highlight independent podcasts, and itís actually also been part of the inspiration for a new project of mine doing the same to create a podcast for unsigned EDM artists!

"The show has a very high production standard and Peter is an excellent host Ė  the music is the forefront of the content, professionally linked by Peter throughout, with band contact information and bios.  It can be difficult to describe what makes a presenter engaging, as it can be an undefinable X factor (sorry for bringing thoughts of Simon Cowell into a review of a Ďrealí music show!), but Peter definitely has it, whatever it is!"