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CD suggestions please!

Added 23 January 2015 by Peter

If, like me, you have a huge CD (or vinyl) collection, you know that every now and then it might need reviewing.

Every couple of years, I take a look through my collection, and I downsize it a little bit. There might be an album that I bought on the strength of one song - and a few years later, wonder what I ever saw in that song.

So, in my latest session, I got rid of quite a few items I would previously have described as "guilty pleasures", which have evolved into dust-gatherers. I stood back, folded my arms and nodded with a satisfied look on my face. "Now THAT is a great collection", I would think to myself.

In addition to the periodic clear-out frenzies, I also get hooked on collecting everything by one band or singer. Some collections are full, some are nearly there, some are still just ideas.

My question is simple: Which band or singer has produced a back catalogue worthy of collecting in its entirety? I'm not talking about building up a priceless collection of rarities or anything, just the good old albums.

For example, I proudly own David Bowie's entire back-catalogue, along with other favourites like Queen (and all solo work), Dire Straits, Eagles, Crowded House, Metallica, Manic Street Preachers, Anton Barbeau, Prefab Sprout, R.E.M., Michael Jackson, A-ha... the list goes on.

My Beatles collection is far from complete, I am sorry to say. I'm also lacking in Rolling Stones. I'm working on that...

So, dear listener - What do you recommend? Thoughts welcomed!