• Straight To Your Head - The 100th
    The next Straight To Your Head podcast will be the 100th edition of the show - Let's celebrate together :D
  • RIP Chris
    Chris Sheehan, who appeared in one of our podcasts in the summer of 2013 has sadly passed away.
  • CD suggestions please!
    Being a completist, and having full collections of numerous artists' work - I'd like advice please...
FLOCK - The Best Of The Mutton Birds - OUT NOW

Back catalog: Cont.

Toploader - The Time Of Their Lives
UPLOADED 20 February 2014
Thanks for checking out the latest Straight To Your Head special edition podcast. In this edition, Toploader - The Time Of Their Lives, we speak to Joe, the band's frontman about the past, the present, the future, and how there's so much more to Toploader than just a reason to dance in the moonlight... Follow the show on Twitter @STYHpodcast and check out the website, www.STYHpodcast.com
PictureHouse: 18 Years Of Evolution
UPLOADED 11 February 2014
PictureHouse are one of Ireland's best kept secrets. With four albums, a Greatest Hits compilation, and a live album to their name, the band is back. We were invited down to the BBC in London on the 10th of February to check out an intimate showcase, where Dave Browne spent some time chatting about the latest album, Evolution, and much more. We hope you enjoy this special edition podcast. Follow theband on Twitter @picturehouse_ie, and check out the website www.picturehouse.ie for all the latest updates. You can also follow this show on Twitter @STYHpodcast, and hear more shows online at www.STYHpodcast.com
The Feud: Hotline to the Studio
UPLOADED 31 January 2014
Today, the red phone rang - and on the line was Luke from The Feud. Hot on the heels of their plug by The Guardian, Luke says there will be a new single SOON, followed by the long-awaited debut album. Get the very latest news from the band here, follow them on Twitter @TheFeud, and follow the podcast @STYHpodcast.
The Feud: EPs, Albums & Boxer Shorts
UPLOADED 22 November 2013
Today we were joined in the studio by Jamie, Luke and Stephen - collectively known as the Feud. Many moons ago, there was talk of an album. What started out as a DIY job in the living room, became a studio project in LA, USA. Well, why not eh?! Here's an exclusive update from the band, which reveals a time-line of sorts for future releases, and also allows the guys to vent their frustration over stray boxer shorts.

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